Menopause is an important transition phase for women from both a medical and emotional perspective. Not getting effective care and support during this time can significantly impact her long-term health and happiness. But, it is an area that is frequently overlooked by the healthcare system, and access to well trained doctors and effective treatment is unfortunately a function of where a woman lives. 

At Women Like Me, we are a team of hardworking and passionate people focused on improving  health care for women in midlife and beyond. We use technology to ensure that every woman has access to no-nonsense science backed information, well trained medical professionals and effective treatment. 

Our mission is to help women live long and healthy lives, no matter where you live. What we offer women now is honest, reliable and science backed information, and access to excellent doctors that will listen and prescribe treatment. In the future we will also offer the most effective over-the-counter products incorporating modern and traditional medicine.



GENDER INEQUALITY. There is currently 5x more research into Erectile dysfunction which affects 19% of men, than into Menopausal health which affects 100% of women. For too long women have had to endure debilitating symptoms with little support or effective treatment from healthcare services

KNOWLEDGE. There is a huge lack of data and research within Women's Health and especially when it comes to peri-menopausal and post menopausal health. This data gap is even larger when it concerns (SouthEast) Asian women and it severely impacts the care and treatment options available.

FUNDING. Only 5% of all funding into FemTech is directed towards treatment of peri- and post menopause symptoms, despite women spending 30-40%of their lives in this phase.